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      GRO Horticultural Enterprises is the Midwest's leading contractor specializing in large tree planting and transplanting. Based in McHenry County, approximately 40 miles northwest of Chicago, GRO is the tree-planting contractor of choice for a wide range of landscape contractors, public works departments, golf courses, real estate developers and homeowners.
      In our 35 years of serving the MIdwest, GRO has become the industry leader, and our resume includes hundreds of complex and high-profile projects.  We have transplanted tens of thousands of trees of every description, and can claim a success rate of nearly 98%.
       GRO operates a fleet of equipment that includes 5 truck-mounted hydraulic tree spades and 6 tractor-mounted spades, digging arrange of root balls from 32: diameter to 100" diameter. We also maintain an array of excavating equipment and truck-mounted cranes, for handling trees that are too large to be transplanted with a tree spade.
        We concentrate our activities in the metropolitan Chicago area, but we also go "on the road", having performed work on job sites in Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Iowa.

      Within our 5-state service area, regardless of  the magnitude or location, GRO has the equipment and expertise to manage your tree planting or transplanting project within time constraints and within budget.  And the finished product will be trees that survive and thrive.

A Bit of History...
     Founded in late 1985, GRO Horticultural Enterprises has been , from the outset, devoted to the specialty of planting and transplanting trees.  Over the nearly 35 years that have elapsed, we feel that we have successfully created and occupied a niche in the Midwest landscape market and have become known as the area's premier tree transplanting contractor.
     While mechanical tree spades have always been the foundation of our business, we have expanded to include transplanting trees that are too large for production tree spades. Using specialized techniques and equipment, we have been involved in relocating some of the largest trees ever moved in Illinois, including the State Champion Paperbark Maple on the campus of of the University of Illinois. 
    Originally located between Algonquin and Huntley GRO's headquarters is now located 3 miles west of Huntley, near the small town of Union, Illinois. In 1989, a wholesale nursery was begun, and the company's offices are now located on the nursery property.  Since its inception, the nursery has grown to over 250 acres of specimen landscape material, and promises to be a significant part of the next 25 years of GRO's history.
    Although history is undeniably important, we prefer to look to the future, where trees and tree planting are "The Ultimate Green Solution".