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Large Tree Services

 Providing Innovative Solutions to the Growing, Planting, and Transplanting of Large Trees. 


    While tree spades have long been a part of the process of digging, and relocating trees, GRO was one of the first companies to build a business around tree spades.  We currently operate a fleet of 11 spades, 5 of them truck-mounted and 6 tractor-mounted, and we are more convinced today than ever that mechanical transplanting is the superior method for handling plants.

   Speed, cost-saving and the ability to move trees "out-of-season" are among the many reasons that we have embraced tree-spades as the superior method of transplanting trees.  With our fleet of machinery, which includes a 100" diameter spade, we are able to process even the largest projects within very narrow time constraints.


    Also known as "hand-digging," conventional transplanting involves the excavation and forming of a root-ball that is, at least in part, done by hand.  We employ this method when access makes the use of a three spade impractical, or when we are asked to relocate a three that is too large for our largest tree spade.  Our men are expert in the "art" of drum-lacing a root ball, producing a package that is good looking as well as durable.

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