Tree Planting & Transplanting / Tree Care & Maintenance / Wholesale Nursery


Over 250 acres of Specimen-Quality Landscape Material.

    The first trees were planted in our nursery in 1989, with the vision of producing large specimen-quality stock for the landscape industry.  The nursery has since grown to 250 acres and now showcases some of the finest large specimen trees to be found in the Chicago area. The trees are grown on wide spacings to enable full canopy development, and extensive effort is devoted to transplanting within the nursery, greatly enhancing the tree's ultimate survival and vigor.  

    Our nursery is devoted solely to the production of trees: shade trees, evergreen trees and flowering ornamental trees.  We are constantly testing and evaluating new varieties and new methods in our effort to be the finest "big tree" nursery in the Chicago area.  

    Nursery tours are encouraged, and can be arranged through our office.